If you could wave a magic wand, what would exist in your life?
Your Organization?
Your Relationships?


With the investment of coaching, workshops, a keynote and/or training, high performing,
successful individuals and teams will achieve more than they ever imagined.

Stacey commits to hold space for you to get clear on your vision, and identifying what, up until
now, has possibly been holding you back.

Coaching is a judgement free zone. Her role is to
fiercely advocate for your best life - simple as that. In this role, she may ask questions friends, co-workers, supervisors and/or loved ones may be unwilling to ask. ALL of them are designed to keep her commitment to fiercely advocate for all that you say you want to create in your life. Results not possible without the support of a coach.

Individual Coaching

You can't see your own blindspots and we can't do surgery on ourselves. That's why results show individuals and teams go further and faster with a coach. This is for individuals who believe in what's not yet possible and are committed to jump into the unknown to create it.

I engage with an exclusive number of individual clients in order to remain committed to my mission to create a powerful presence inside an intentional and focused space for your transformation.

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Group Coaching

Group coaching for teams offers a customized opportunity to increase efficiency, resiliency, innovation and cohesion as each member fully engages in the creation of bold, company outcomes.

Group coaching for individuals not only offers the affordability to invest in your growth but it creates a community of support as each participant embraces their power and takes the vulnerable steps towards the thrilling life and legacy they are capable of.

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I custom tailor interactive exercises based on your desired outcomes and available time frame. Together, we create a powerful opportunity to jump start new results in work and personal life.

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